Explanation of Events that have lead to this point

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Explanation of Events that have lead to this point Empty Explanation of Events that have lead to this point

Post  Admin on Tue Oct 06, 2009 7:08 am

This will be posted on Ana's forum as well, so hopefully those who are interested will see it in either of these locales

Wow Steve, welcome back to the forum Those are quite the serious allegations, I do hope you have proof to back them up? Given the work, I have put into this place for close to 2 years now, its beyond me how those thoughts could even cross your mind? I have never hidden anything from any of the members and in fact I have been more honest than many would of been regarding my illness back in June That was my decision, when others might of just posted, I am leaving the forum for awhile. Not sure what you are meaning in terms of people's "hard work" regarding the project this year? All that had happened was an exchange of ideas, to this point. I could care less if you think I am a disgrace, to be honest, but thanks for sharing that You as a 26 year old should know by now you should get all your facts straight before making allegations or pointing fingers Also, why you felt the need to address something non forum related on Ana's forum is beyond me Your rant could of been posted on the birthday forum, if need be

Curtis, your statement is totally false I know for a fact you were contacted at least twice, regarding the project You recieved a pm about it from Natasha and I asked you as well I have the private message, to prove it if need be?

In response to the rest of you, here is a brief recap of what transpired with this years project to date. Firstly, it seems many have had troubles accessing the forum, at times? This is the first, I have ever heard of it. My question to all of you, if this was such a problem why have none of you contacted any mods about it? I guess with it being a free forum and all there are certain times maintenance has to be done by the hosts, thats beyond our control.

I guess around late July, people started asking me if anything was going to be done for this year. I responded by saying well I really dont know. I would have to ask the other moderators if there was interest in helping (as I knew back then, I was not in a position to put forth the type of effort I did last year). Thats when I decided ok we will give it a try and contacted the other mods about it. Even at that point, I knew time was short, but I guess I just hoped for the best At that time, the other mods all seemed keen to help so I thought ok this might workout I knew the birthday site from previous years had been shutdown, so CC and Edy took the time to setup a new one, which was great Then we all sent out emails to the members in a swift manner and my hopes increased. At that point, we all had every intention on making this years project just as successful as last year Unfortunately, sometimes things happen in our lives and plans change, others things take priority. This has been the case with many of us, since the project idea came up again I think a big problem, many of you have is a failure to realize Ana and her forum isnt the moderators lives. We are all volunteers here nothing more nothing less. I know I am taking the brunt of the criticism as to what has transpired both in herer and on the birthday forum, which is totally unfair. I guess thats my fault for being so visible in there. Again many have assumed that I was "project leader" not sure why you thought this. I guess you thought because I was last year, it would be the same this year? Well if so, thats totally false and it can be quite dangerous to make assumptions To say any of the mods dont care about Ana anymore is ludicrous, but not surprising as that seems to be the general lack of respect towards us. I have been saying it for months nothing new here

There were some ideas that were presented some better than others We did have a vote, although that was even a bit of a chore for myself and I almost felt like I had to push some of you to do so I know some of you are under the impession, I am pushy but I really am not and hate doing so After the vote was over, I created a topic asking you how we want to proceed and move forward. Now last year people seemed much more enthusiastic and we got 2 volunteers Nestor and Denice right away to buy the gifts and send them to Switzerland Anyhow back to this year, well a few days passed and no posts or suggestions on how to proceed. That was a clear signal, to me the project was unlikely to be completed in time

Anyhow its obvious nothing can be done in time for a birthday present, as its only 1 month to go Myself and moderators have been discussing an alternative plan and will get back to you shortly. To be perfectly honest thou, after reading this I am second guessing any involvment from myself on what is decided.

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